External stair nosing

Internal Stair Nosing

This stair nosing is suitable for all external and internal applications. As an external stair nosing there are many combinations of inserts which give you a wide choice of styles and designs.

External stair nosing

There are three base colours that you can choose from. Anodised clear, black and sovereign gold. Other colours such as brass and bronze are available on request. There is a minimum order quantity.

Base Colours

Description-stair nosing suitable for all surfaces

This stair nosing is for internal and external stairs and is suitable for all surfaces. It is installed on ceramics, porcelain, terrazzo wood and concrete steps .

This nosing has a larger face therefore is often a favourite choice for steps which may be chipped and cracked. Additionally this is an excellent choice for steps that are bull nosed. It curves back in to the step , therefore minimises any chance of a slip hazard.


Stair Nosing and Stair Inserts

This stair nosing can be supplied in lengths of up to 6100 mm , or we can cut to size and countersink holes if required.

External Stair Nosing

How to install

Most stair nosings are plugged and screwed. With this profile is is best to glue on ceramics such as hard surfaces for example porcelain, ceramics and terrazzo.

The profile does have hidden fittings for screws if you wished to install it on wood, concrete, and bricks-pavers

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Perth stair nosing

Inserts for bases

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