Stair nosing for bricks and pavers

Stair nosing 15 series- is suitable for all surfaces such as bricks , pavers or concrete

With a very wide tread this nosing provides maximum stability on steps edges.

Often steps require a wider tread because they are chipped or cracked, or even bull nosed. Older sets of stairs may have a grooved tile or the concrete may be grooved on the step edge.

Any remedial repairs require a nosing that will cover the width of those grooves.

This product with its wide tread is designed to do that. Suitable for bricks, paver’s , all outdoor steps-stairs

Our nosings comes in 2 parts; the actual extrusion and a separate 2.5 mm insert in a number of different colour combinations. This provides additional strength. The inserts themselves can be mounted on the edge of the steps as well.

Base Colours

Description- stair nosing suitable for all hard surfaces.

Stair nosing for bricks and pavers

This stair nosing is for internal and external stairs. It is suitable for all surfaces. Because it has a wide tread it is often used on stairs that need remedial repairs.  The old steps may have bricks  pavers or concrete which may have chipped or cracked edges. The wide tread covers these types of steps safely.


Stair Nosing and Stair Inserts

This wide stair nosing can be supplied in lengths of up to 6100 mm , or we can cut to size and countersink holes if required.

Wide stair nosing

Inserts for bases
How to install

Most stair nosings can be drilled plugged and screwed. With this profile is is best to glue on ceramics such as hard surfaces for example porcelain, ceramics and terrazzo. On concrete, wood, pavers, bricks it is best to drill, plug and screw.

The profile does have hidden fittings for screws if you wished to install it on wood, concrete, and bricks-pavers

stair nosing glue - adhesive

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