Heavy duty stair nosing

Heavy duty stair nosing

Stair nosing profile 16 is  a  heavy duty stair nosing

This stair AS1428 2009 compliant stair nosing is suitable for all external and internal applications and is a heavy duty stair nosing. It has a 10 mm riser and is 95 mm wide on the tread.

The  heavy duty stair nosing has a wide tread ensures maximum safety on the tread of the step. The nosing has ridges underneath which allow for additional strength and stability when installing on all surfaces, including checker plate.

A heavy duty stair nosing for all surfaces.


You can also use an FRP heavy duty industrial stair nosing.

Solid Protection

Stair nosing profile 16 is  a 10 mm slimline stair nosing profile made of strong  annodised aluminium. 

The underside of the stair nosing is ribbed to provide extra strength when installed on stair.

Stair nosing profile 16  has been designed to comply with the requirements of AS1428 2009 Design for Access and Mobility.

It is a  versatile stair tread and can be used for  can be used on hard surfaces steps such as terrazzo, tile, steel or timber.

With a wider tread it is suitable for internal and external applications.

This architectural grade aluminium alloy offers great surface finish and great corrosion resistance. It can be supplied cut to length and with several different inserts.

All aluminium stair nosings come in a maximum length of 4300mm. They can be ordered cut to size for individual stair length. They can also be ordered with countersunk screw holes.

stair nosing profile 16 Dimensions

Stair nosing profile 16 is available with a solid carborundum or carborundum anti slip tape insert.

Profile 16 can also be fitted with a photo-luminescent glow in the dark strip and still fully complies with AS 1248.1:2009.

Most stair nosings are plugged and screwed. With this profile is is best to glue on ceramics such as hard surfaces for example porcelain, ceramics and terrazzo.

The profile does have hidden fittings for screws if you wished to install it on wood, or perhaps concrete.

Bear in mind that ALL 10 mm stair nosings MUST be installed on stairs that are very level.

The correct adhesive must be used. We also recommend an application of Soudal Hi Tack Adhesive.

Profile 16 PDS


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