Stair Nosing Treads

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stair nosing treads

What is stair nosing and do we need stair nosing ?

Stair nosing is a visual cue for pedestrians to show where the next step is so that they can safely place their foot on the next stair nosing tread.

Yes we do need stair nosings on all steps, as the Australian Standards have changed in June 2021. All commercial developments must have stair nosing. Please see document on Australian standards

The stair nosing treads are for all applications.

Stair nosing for carpet

Stair nosing for concrete, tiles, wood and ceramics

We also have a unique stair nosing for acoustic carpet, hardwood flooring and vinyl.

A specially designed nosing is also suitable for easy to install 10 mm ceramic tiles.

More information on stair nosing compliance can be found on the video page where I explain how the Australian BCA rules and stair nosing regulations affect you.