FRP Stair nosing profile 70 is available in anti-slip carborundum.

They are available in solid carborundum in yellow and black. Solid means they are NOT painted.

Industrial stair nosing  – FRP stair nosing Profile 70

FRP stair nosing Profile 70 is an industrial stair nosing suitable for areas which require high non slip stair safety solutions.

FRP stair nosing such as the Profile 70 is used in commercial, industrial, mining, and the oil and gas industries.

This industrial stair nosing is a  versatile stair tread and we have installed it in residential buildings, high rise apartment stairwells, fire escapes, universities and schools.

1.These FRP profiles have a high resistance to corrosion
2.They have a P4 slip rating
3.The treads are light but strong and have great impact strength
4.Last a long time with low maintenance
5.They don’t conduct electricity and are fire resistant

FRP 70 stair treads – stair nosings come in two different sizes.

  • Profile 70-25  has a 70  mm tread and a 25 mm riser/face
  • Profile 70-10 has a 70  mm tread and a 10 mm riser/face

The 10 mm stair tread complies with AS1428 2009 Australian Standards

Both are available in black and hi-vis yellow.

The maximum length the stair nosing can be ordered in is 3600 mm.

Stair Nosing Australia will provide a no obligation on-site quotation.

Most FRP stair treads are plugged and screwed. We have found on hard surfaces such as porcelain, ceramics and terrazzo it is possible to glue only. The correct adhesive must be used.

When using the FRP stair tread with the 10 mm face/riser is very important that the external stairs where pavers or concrete aggregate have been use are level and straight.

We also recommend an application of Soudal Hi Tack Adhesive.

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