Stair Nosing Perth

Stair Nosing Perth – Australia supply  a wide range of stair nosing  profiles all around Australia and Perth WA.

At Stair Nosing Perth we supply  stair nosing profiles including;

  • industrial nosing
  • commercial nosing
  • residential nosing
  • FRP stair treads
  • anti slip strips
  • and glow in the dark nosing.

Stair Nosing Perth – Australia

Our profiles are manufactured in two parts. The actual nosing extrusion and a separate 2.5 mm anodised aluminum insert. With the insert it comes in a number of different colours.

With two inserts they provide additional strength and hide the mechanical fittings, such as screws.


10 series nosing

Designed for all surfaces

Stair nosing Perth

This versatile profile is for internal and external stairs and is suitable for all surfaces. It can be installed on ceramics,  terrazzo, wood, concrete steps  and soft floor covering finishes.

11 series nosing

Designed for vinyl and carpet

stair nosing for vinyl11 series  is suitable for all soft floor finishes such as vinyl and 2 mm carpet tiles. The nosing has a 2 mm rebate at the back where you can cut in flooring finishes.

12 series nosing

For all level hard surfaces

Perth Stair NosingThis profile  is designed for internal and external stairs and is suitable for all level hard surfaces,  such as  ceramics, porcelain, terrazzo, wood  and concrete steps.

13 series nosing

Designed for recessing

Perth Recessed stair nosingThis recessed profile is designed to be installed in a step where a rebate has been made.

When recessed into a rebate the profile will sit  flush mounted.

13B series nosing

Designed for recessing

13 B  series is an elegant, narrow stair nosing designed for recessing into surfaces. It would include concrete, ceramics and wood. The difference between 13 and 13B is that 13B is 10 mm thick.

13C stair inlay

Designed for recessing

recessed stair nosing
13 C  series is an elegant, narrow stair inlay.  designed for recessing into surfaces, such as concrete, ceramics and wood. The difference the other nosings is that 3C is an actual inlay.

14 series nosing

14 for thick flooring finishes

Perth Stair nosing for carpet
Designed for thick carpet. It has a rolled edge at the front designed to go over thick carpet at the step edge. The ribbed surface underneath provides extra grip.

15 series nosing

For all surfaces-wide tread

Perth wide stair nosingThis is a popular stair nosing because it is so wide on he tread at 98 mm. This makes it perfect for all substrates, and provides extra strength on the step edge.

16 series nosing

Designed for carpet tiles

Carpet tile nosing MelbourneThis profile is designed for carpet tiles. The rebate will accommodate approximately 6 mm thick carpet tiles, which can be cut in to the rebates.

18 series nosing

Soft floor finishes and Ceramic tiles

STAIR NOSING FOR 10 mm ceramic tilesThis stair nosing is a flush or flat finish when installed. You can use this for thick flooring finished like vinyl plank, timber or ceramic tiles. Excellent for 10 mm ceramic tiles.

19 series nosing

Very wide tread

wide stair nosing for concreteMost people who buy this nosing require a wide tread. At 120 mm wide it allows for extra width and strength when installed on step edges.

20 series nosing

Very elegant nosing

anti slip strips

A very elegant, minimalist stair nosing . This nosing is great for hard surfaces such as ceramic tiles. It looks elegant, provides slip resistance.

22 series Glow in the dark


Photoluminescent Stair Nosing | Glow in the Dark

This nosing has a glow in the dark resin strip in the leading edge of the nosing not tape. The screws are hidden as the nosing comes in two parts.

FRP industrial nosing

All hard surfaces

FRP stair nosing Perth

Profile 70 FRP stair nosing

FRP stair nosing and stair strips provide maximum slip resistance in industrial and marine environments.

FRP industrial strips

All hard surfaces

anti slip strips
Installing anti slip FRP strips is sometimes a cheaper alternative than FRP stair nosing

Hazard Tactile Indicators

Peel and stick

Perth Tactile peel and stick poly pads

Hazard tactile pads can be felt underneath you feet when walking. They are used to warn pedestrians of an up and coming hazard.

Directional Tactile Indicators

Peel and stick

Perth Directional Tactile padsDirectional peel and stick pads guide people through areas and indicate a change of direction for the pedestrian.

Polyurethane Tactile Studs

Discrete TGSI's

Tactile poly studs greyTactile TGSI’s indicators are designed to warn pedestrians of upcoming hazards. Designed to be felt underfoot and made of  tough polyurethane.

Stainless steel tactile studs

Discrete TGSI's

Perth stainless steel tactiles studs

Our tactile studs have a  high anti-slip rating, and are manufactured to withstand even the harshest outdoor conditions Manufactured from solid high-grade stainless steel material.

Brass tactile studs

Discrete TGSI's

Brass tactile TGSI's PerthBrass Studs are individual discrete studs, or dots that use an expansion anchor or stem to fix to the pedestrian pathway.
They are drilled directly into the ground.