Stair nosing for vinyl or carpet

Stair Nosing 11 series

Stair nosing suitable for vinyl or carpet.

STAIR NOSING FOR CARPET TILESThis rebated stair nosing for carpets or vinyl floor coverings . There is a 2 mm rebate at the back of the stair nosing which makes suitable for vinyl or carpet

The vinyl or carpet tiles are “cut in” into the back. Due to this we call this a “flush mount” stair nosing.

Other nosings that have a rebate at the back are the 18 series. 

There are three base colours that you can choose from. Anodised clear, black and sovereign gold.


Carborundum inserts

11 series with carborundum inserts. Carborundum has a P5 slip rating. Our stair nosings come in two pieces, the extrusion or base and a separate aluminium insert which is 2.4 mm thick. We no longer supply just carb tape.

Santoprene rubber inserts

11 series with rubber inserts. Santoprene rubber insert has a high slip rating. A rubber insert is more robust, as PVC has plasticizers in it. Inserts are Flame retardant: UV resistant and is UL 94 V-0 rated and UL 94 5VA rated.

Aluminum Ripple trim inserts

The ripple trim or sawtooth  inserts offer a stylish, and elegant alternative to carborundum and or a rubber insert; whilst still maintaining a high P5 slip rating.  The anodised inserts are solid  and are 2.5 mm thick.


Cut to size and countersunk

We will cut to size and countersink the stair nosing for you.  You will not have to pay for wastage. 

Additionally we will supply plugs and screws.

Whilst the stair nosing can be ordered at the maximum length of 6.1 metres,      TNT charge a very large fee for oversize freight and manual handling.


If you are not sure about the exact measurements, average the lengths giving yourself a margin for error. You may them choose to cut them to the exact width onsite.



For mechanical fixings we recommend 12-gauge stainless steel screws suitable for countersinking. SUPPLIED WITH PLUGS AND SCREWS.

This is designed for carpet tiles, vinyl or direct stick carpet to be “cut in” at the back.

Any issues which may affect the stability or strength of the stair nosing must be addressed and corrected prior to installing any stair nosing profile.

Drill Bit sizes

  • Pilot hole 2 mm drill bit
  • 4.5 mm drill but for red plugs
  • 6 mm for green plugs

Installation Guidelines