Glow in the dark stair nosing

Profile 22 is a glow in the dark stair nosing.

This means that the edge glows in the dark. The nosing has a strip on the edge made of a resin which charges in normal light or sunlight.

Stair nosing glow in the darkIt is designed to illuminate step edges for additional safety.

The important feature is that the inserts are separate. This means that the mechanical fittings are hidden.

With some other nosings you have to drill from the top, so the screws are always visible.

This glow in the dark stair nosing with photoluminescence glow in the strip at the edge has been designed to highlight the edge of steps.

Not only does the nosing offer visual contrast, but the 10 mm glow in the strip insert offers a guiding systems by illuminating step edges.

The inserts available are:


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Cut to size and countersunk
We will cut to size and countersink the stair nosing for you. You will not have to pay for wastage.
Additionally we will supply plugs and screws.

The stair nosing can be ordered at the maximum length of 3.6 METRES


If you are not sure about the exact measurements, average the lengths giving yourself a margin for error. You may them choose to cut them to the exact width onsite.


how to install stair nosingsFor mechanical fixings we recommend 12-gauge stainless steel screws suitable for countersinking. SUPPLIED WITH PLUGS AND SCREWS.

This stair nosing can be installed on all surfaces.

Any issues which may affect the stability or strength of the stair nosing must be addressed and corrected prior to installing any stair nosing profile.

Installation Guidelines



It is very important to know that if the adhesive “bleeds” on the edge of the nosing, WAIT for it to dry for several hours; then blade scrape it off.