Glow in the dark Stair Nosing Stair Nosing Australia feature a glow-in-the-dark luminescent infill which is made of an acrylic material not a tape strip 

The luminescent nosing glows in the dark after exposure to artificial or natural light.

The luminescent stair nosing provides a glow to areas which experience temporary darkness, such as stairwells, emergency exits, entertainment facilities and theatres.

Profile 19 stair nosing with photo-luminescent glow in the dark strip has been designed to form part of a building way guidance system for compliance with the requirements of NCC2016 EP 4.1 Visibility in an Emergency.

Stair nosing profile 8 is available with 4 different styles of anti slip insert

PVC Anti Slip Strip 13 colours

Solid carborundum infill -yellow, black and white

Aluminium ripple trim, which forms an even stronger anti-slip stair nosing tread

All aluminium stair nosings come in a maximum length of 4300mm. They can be ordered cut to size for individual stair length.

They can also be ordered with countersunk screw holes.

Stair Nosing Australia will provide a no obligation on-site quotation.

Most stair nosings are plugged and screwed. If the stair nosing has a 10 mm riser or face it is important to note that the stairs MUST be level. If the stair are uneven or have chipped or cracked edges it may be better to choose a profile that has a larger riser such as 25 or 35 mm

We have found on hard surfaces such as porcelain, ceramics and terrazzo it is possible to glue only.

The correct adhesive must be used.

We also recommend an application of Soudal Hi Tack Adhesive.

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