Stair nosing for bricks and pavers

Where do I find stair nosing for bricks and pavers

This stair nosing is suitable for external steps.

Often steps are chipped and cracked and may require a wider tread than other stair nosings. Because of this need we have developed a nosing with a wide stair tread of 120 mm wide. Consequently this is popular for bricks, pavers, concrete and steel.

The width of the tread in contrast to other nosing almost covers half of the required minimum of 215 mm.

It is a very strong nosing and also has a 16 mm riser but 10 mm internally.

Almost all stair nosing need a flat level surface, perhaps this is an alternative to FRP industrial stair nosing

If the step is not level or we recommend installing with Soudal Hi Tac adhesive

Base colours

Stair nosing for pavers , bricks and concrete

This nosing has a wide tread and is often used on steps where the edges may be chipped or cracked. The nosing is ideal for bricks , pavers or concrete as often it is these steps that require a wide safe tread. This is a great alternative as it is 120 mm wide. Consequently very safe and strong.

Clear anodised, black anodised and sovereign gold available.


Our stair nosing can be supplied in lengths of up to 6100 mm in lengths, or we can cut to size and countersink holes for you if required.

Stair nosing for bricks Perth Perth Stair nosing for pavers

Inserts for bases
How to install

Stair Nosing Australia will provide a no obligation on-site quotation.

Most stair nosings are plugged and screwed. With this profile is is best to glue on ceramics such as hard surfaces for example porcelain, ceramics and terrazzo.

The profile does have hidden fittings for screws if you wished to install it on wood, concrete, and bricks-pavers.

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