Recessed stair nosing for Steps

recessed stair nosing Melbourne


With a 10 mm riser this stair nosing is designed to be elegantly recessed into any step.

Recessed stair nosing for steps  and treads can be rebated or set in to  steps. These types of steps include

  • concrete
  • tiles
  • timber
  • or vinyl

Sometimes you wish to use a specifically designed stair nosing for 10-12 mm ceramic tiles see 18 series.


Carborundum inserts

Santoprene rubber inserts

Aluminium Ripple trim inserts



  • We will cut to size and countersink the stair nosing for you.
  • You will not have to pay for wastage.
  • Additionally we will supply plugs and screws.

The stair nosing can be ordered at the maximum length of 6.1 metres. However TNT charge a very large fee for over size freight and manual handling.


Yet if you are not sure about the exact measurements, average the lengths giving yourself a margin for error. You may them choose to cut them to the exact width onsite.


For mechanical fixings for recessed stair nosing, we recommend 12-gauge stainless steel screws suitable for countersinking.  What’s more also SUPPLY THE PLUGS AND SCREWS.

Any issues which may affect the stability or strength of the stair nosing must be addressed and corrected prior to installing any stair nosing profile.

This stair nosing is designed to be recessed into concrete or wood or hard surfaces. We recommend to mechanically fix, and use adhesive.