Stair nosing for carpet tiles

What is the best stair nosing for carpet tiles?

This 16 stair nosing profiles are one of our most popular stair nosings. 15 series is very easy to install with its generous rebate at the front and back.

Stair nosing for carpet tilesOur stair nosing for carpet tiles are specifically designed for carpet tiles. The carpet tiles slide into these rebates and are very easy to install.

The stair nosing itself has a 10 mm riser which makes it fully AS1428 2009 BCA stair nosing regulations.

Larger stair nosings such as the 411 is also suitable for carpet tiles.

Base colours

Description- stair nosing for carpet tiles

This stair nosing for carpet tiles is for internal staircases.

This stair nosing is unusual in that is has a large 35 mm rebate at the front to easily install the stair nosing by tucking the carpet tile into the rebate. Other stair nosings only have a 10-20 mm rebate which is too small and makes installation awkward. This is also suitable for vinyl plank, and with a combination of inserts looks great!


Stair nosing for carpet and vinyl

This carpet tile and vinyl stair nosing can be supplied in lengths of up to 6100 mm , or we can cut to size and countersink holes if required

Carpet tile stair nosing

Inserts for bases
How to install

Most stair nosings can be drilled plugged and screwed. With this profile it cannot be just glued. It must be drilled plugged and screwed into the substrate before the floor covering [carpet, vinyl, timber ] is fitted into the rebates.

The profile does have hidden fittings for screws if you wished to install it on wood, concrete, and bricks-pavers