Stair Nosing Edge Trim

A stair nosing edge trim or anti slip stair strip are often an alternative to a full stair nosing. They are affordable and offer you slip protection on the edge of the step.

anti slip strips for stairsThese anti slip stair strips when installed fully comply with the Australian stair nosing standards.

The stair edge trims or  stair strips are 54 mm wide and are made of a  2.4 mm solid aluminum construction. The  rules state that they must be set no more than 15 mm from the front of the step.

This ensures that when you walk up the steps you can see the visual contrast on the edge of the next step.


Cut to size and countersunk, FRP strips for steps
We will cut to size and countersink the stair nosing for you. You will not have to pay for wastage.


Whilst the stair nosing anti-slip strips can be ordered at the maximum length of 6 metres, TNT charge a very large fee for oversize freight and manual handling. It is best to provide us with a cutting list; this will save you time and money.


If you are not sure about the exact measurements, average the lengths giving yourself a margin for error. You may them choose to cut them to the exact width onsite.


These anti slip strips are glued to the edge of the steps. The strips are only suitable for  hard surfaces , concrete,  porcelain, ceramics, wood and terrazzo The correct adhesive must be used.

When using the stair strip  very important that the external stairs where pavers or concrete aggregate have been use are level and straight.

We also recommend an application of Soudal Hi Tack Adhesive.

Installation Guide