Ceramic tile and acoustic flooring finishes stair nosing

Stair nosing for timber hardwood flooring, acoustic carpet and carpet tiles and rubber.

Do you need a nosing for thick floor coverings such as rubber, hardwood flooring, carpet with underlay or acoustic backed carpet and vinyl?

This profile is very strong with stabilizer feet under the nosing. The rebate at the back will accommodate up to 8 – 10 mm floor coverings. Tilers have found it suitable to rebate and cut the tiles in the back and face of the nosing.

stair nosing for thick carpet tiles

The above image shows thick carpet tiles cut into the rebates at the rear and the face of the stair nosing.

The above image shows 10 mm ceramic tiles cut into the rebates at the rear and the face of the stair nosing.

stair nosing for vinyl plank and wood

The above image shows thick vinyl plank or hardwood flooring cut into the rebates at the rear and the face of the stair nosing.

Acoustic backed stair nosing

The above image shows the stair nosing cut into the rebates, with a grey rubber insert.

Do you need end caps for stair nosing?

What are end caps for stair nosing?

Stair Nosing End CapEnd caps are very important if you are installing stair nosing, and you are leaving a gap on each side. The left and right end caps are installed at the end by just clicking in to place. Easy installation and it just finishes off the stair nosing.

Tis means that the stair nosing end caps stop people from catching their toes on a sharp edge.

We have end caps for most of our stair nosings.


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Ceramic tile or acoustic flooring finishes and hardwood stair nosing

  • Alloy:                          6060, Temper: T5
  • Finish                         Anodised Clear – 25Um/Black/Sovereign Gold
  • Tread width               82 mm
  • Front Depth               10 mm
  • Tread thickness        4.8 mm
  • Inserts                        Carborundum – Epoxy – Santoprene-Aluminium ripple trim
  • 2 Years                       (As per Stair Nosing Australia’s standard warranty conditions)
  • Slip rating                  P5 classification (Highest available carborundum, epoxy ) P4 serrated rubber, aluminum ripple trim
  • Code compliance       AS1428 2021 Revised

Check floor finish colour for luminance contrast requirements LRV values

  • Screw fixed/and adhesive
  • Surface mounted on hard floor finishes such as vinyl, rubber, acoustic flooring and drilled plugged and screwed with carpet.
  • With the rebates the nosing has a flat or flush finish on the step

Is this nosing compliant?

Stair Nosing with a 10mm turndown.

The inlaid strip in this stair nosing profile is:

  • 54 mm wide-standards mandate 50 to 75 mm.
  • The inlaid contrast stair strip is set back no more than 15 mm from the edge of the extrusion.
  • The colour of the inlaid contrast stair strip (Yellow)  in the stair nosing profile does not extend down the vertical turndown by more than 10 mm.

“The inlaid strip provides 30% minimum contrast to the vertical turndown for visual detection.”

This stair nosing sits flat or flush on the step, and has floor finishes rebated into the stair nosing profile. Note that the inlaid strip, yellow, is not set back more than 15mm from the edge, which is compliant.


Carborundum inserts

What is carborundum? Silicon carbide, also known as carborundum, is a hard chemical compound containing silicon and carbon.

It is used as an abrasive for cutting, grinding, and polishing, as an anti slip additive for stair nosing 

Santoprene rubber inserts

Our Santoprene inserts are rubber not PVC. The difference is that Santoprene® possesses the same levels of flexibility and durability that are commonly found with natural rubber compounds. Because of its longer life in both extreme hot and cold environments, it is often preferred over PVC.

Ripple trim/sawtooth insert

The ripple trim inserts offer a stylish, and elegant alternative to carborundum and rubber insert; whilst still maintaining a P4 slip rating.

They are 2.4 mm thick anodised aluminum. The inserts are often used as a strip; this is an affordable solution for stairs.


Cut to size and countersunk

If you measure each step and give us a cutting list we will cut to size and countersink holes for no additional cost – You will not have to pay for wastage. 

Additionally we will supply plugs and screws.


Whilst the stair nosing can be ordered at the maximum length of 6.1 metres, TNT charge a very large fee for oversize freight and manual handling.


If you are not sure about the exact measurements, average the lengths giving yourself a margin for error. You may them choose to cut them to the exact width onsite.


For mechanical fixings for recessed stair nosing we recommend 12-gauge stainless steel screws suitable for countersinking. SUPPLIED WITH PLUGS AND SCREWS.

Any issues which may affect the stability or strength of the stair nosing must be addressed and corrected prior to installing any stair nosing profile. This nosing must be installed with screws and we would recommend green plugs. The nosing has strong stabilizing feet to ensure that the nosing will not “rock” on the step edge. adhesive.

Acoustic carpet stair nosing