Ceramic tile stair nosing

Stair nosing for timber hardwood flooring, acoustic carpet and carpet tiles and rubber.

What is the best stair nosing for ceramic tiles ?

Stair nosing for ceramic tiles PerthThe steps may have a floor covering on them which is quite thick such as rubber or acoustic vinyl or thick carpet tiles.

This profile is very strong with stabiliser feet under the nosing. The rebate at the back will accommodate up to 8 mm floor coverings.

Need to find  hard to find a nosing for thick floor coverings such as rubber, hardwood flooring, carpet with underlay or acoustic backed carpet and vinyl? This is the nosing for you.

This is the only stair nosing that I could find with a 10 mm riser that sits flush mount and is suitable for all thick flooring finishes. Perfect for our acoustic carpet tiles.
Base Colours

Description-  ceramic tile stair nosing acoustic stair nosing

Unique stair nosing !  This is a really rare nosing to find. 18 has a 10 mm riser. Almost certainly the reason why this stair nosing is hard to find is the size of the rebates at the front and the back.

Once again because the flooring finishes will be “cut in” the stair nosing sits flush on the steps. Ideal ceramic tile stair nosing.


The Dimensions of 18 with its thick rebates make it suitable for all thick flooring finishes.

Stair nosing rubber Acoustic carpet tile stair nosing

Inserts for bases
How to install

Most stair nosings are plugged and screwed. With this profile is is best to glue on hard surfaces such as ceramics , porcelain, ceramics and terrazzo

When installing on soft floor finishes you must drill, plug and screw.

stair nosing glue - adhesive

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