Tactile Stud Calculator

What are the requirements for tactile indicators?

The standard with the dimensions of the individual discrete tactile stud are:

  • Slop sided base
  • Diameter of dome is to be 35mm
  • Shaft can be 15mm or mm
  • the height of the dome is usually 5 mm.
  • and the thickness of the shaft is 5-6 mm

Use the tactile stud calculator makes it very easy to work out how many dots you need in a per lineal metre, per square metre and by measurements.

Use the easy calculator to answer the queries below:

  1. How many tactiles are there per sq. metre?
  2. How many tactiles are there per lineal metre?
  3. How many tactiles are there on stairs?
  4. How many rows of tactiles do I need for my ramp or stairs?

Tactile stud calculator.

  • How many tactiles are there per sq. metre?
  • How many tactiles are there per lineal metre ?
  • How many dots are are there in a tactile hazard tile or mat.
  • How do I calculate how many studs do I  need for a landing?

TGSIs or Tactile Ground Surface Indicators , sometimes known as discrete are now mandated in any new build or structural alteration that assist and warn pedestrians of possible hazards to blind or vision-impaired people.

Tactiles studs or hazard and directional mats must be used in areas such as:

  • Stairs
  • ramps,
  • road crossings
  • bus and train platforms
  • and overhead hazards.

What is a hazard tactile? Hazard tactiles which warn pedestrian of a possible hazard  in the persons  line of travel, for example at a traffic light.

What is a directional tactile? Directional tactile indicators which are used to warn of the possible change in direction from the pedestrian’s line of travel.

Don’t’ forget
Tactile Ground Surface Indicators must achieve the following contrasts against substrates.

30% – Integrated Tiles such as the peel and stick or fibreglass re-enforced.
45% – Discreet (Individual TGSI’s) studs , some people call them dots.
60% – Composite Discreet (Individual TGSI’s usually with a different colour insert) For example a stud that may have a carborundum or epoxy insert in the dome.

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